October 24, 2011

blogs i've not written.

have you read boys life?
they always have "books not written" 
Getting Rid of Stress by Don U. Worry
Sweep the Floor by Dustin Cracks
Addition for Dummies by Adam Up
Poked by Bob E. Pinn

so, i've had fun this morning thinking about blogs that i've never written.
i was going to say, "Blogs I'll Never Write".
But, as i started thinking the list i realized that some are blogs i hope to write someday.
So, the blogs i hope to write someday, i'll put a * by.  The * means "not yet, but someday".
Tangent--  When I was reading other peoples 100 things about me lists, I was surprised at how DIFFERENT my friends were from me.  I would read and think, "NO WAY!"
At first that bugged me, and then I loved it.
It proved that we don't have to be the same to be friends.
In fact, it proved that what I love most about so many people is how they are different from me.
I'm sure some of you could write these blogs that I can't...
I'm sure that many of you are teaching me things that I need to know so that someday I can write these blogs.
We all have different strengths and talents and we are all learning and growing each day...  isn't it great?!!
We each have a different path here on earth, but hopefully, we are all headed in the same direction!

Enjoy my list of blogs not written... by Jenifer Moss

1.  Eve Slept Through the Night!*
2.  My European Travels*
3.  I Sang a Solo
4.  My Russian Adoption
5.  Creating a Great Exercise Routine
6.  I Never Say Jerk or Damn*
7.  Perfect Bedtimes**
8.  My Sabbath Day was a Day of REST*
9.  I'm ALWAYS happy*
10.  How to be the Perfect Daughter/Daughter-in-law*
11.  How to Load the Dishwasher
12.  I'm the Cookie Queen
13.  Organizing Comes Naturally
14.  Keeping Your Car Clean with Children*
15.  I'm not Tired!*
16.  I'm Bored.
17.  Need Some Ideas How to Fill My Day
18.  Life as a Mother of Eight*
19.  Empty Nesting*
20.  Bed Rest is NOT as Ideal as it Sounds
21.  My Kids are Teenagers and They Really Like Each Other*
22.  Punctuation 101
23.  Pets- Gotta Love Them
24.  Eating Eggs from MY Chickens
25.  Eating Veggies from MY Garden*
16.  I have a House Plant*
17.  It Feels So Nice to Have an Ample Savings Account*
18.  Being the Mother of a Missionary*
19.  Life is Easy.
20.  Parenting- The WAY.
21.  Marriage is Easy.
22.  It's November and I'm all Ready for Christmas.*
23.  Our Family Went to Uganda*
24.  I Need a Project.
25.  Does Anyone Know How to Gain Weight?
26.  Aperture- Why You Care What it is*
27.  I Never Go to Bed With my House a Mess*
28.  Watch My Family During Church- We are Perfectly Behaved*
29.  Things I Wish I'd Known When I was 34*
30.  Tips on Hair and Makeup
31.  See My Cute, White Furniture
32.  See the Cute Photo Books I Made for My Kids*
33.  Running a Marathon!
34.  I Finished All the Quilts I Started!
35.  Finishing a To Do List
36.  Garage Sales 101*
37.  Budgeting 101*
38.  The Art of Small Talk*
39.  How to Set a Goal and Accomplish It.*
40.  Planning Ahead.*
41.  My Life as a Swimsuit Model
42.  Trendy 101.
43.  Call Me, The Professor.*
44.  My Last Child Went to School Today and I Cried.*
45.  I LOVE Being Pregnant.
46.  Getting Stains Out of Laundry 101.
47.  Feeling Confidant.*
48.  Finding Time to Blog and Proofread.*
49.  Ways I Make Money.*
50.  I Didn't Get Pulled Over By an Oregon Cop This Week.*

What blogs will you never write?
Have a great day!!

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