October 25, 2011

falling for sunday.

i love this land.
i love this family.
life is good.

i love this picture.  it is my life.


i love this picture.  the whole afternoon, leah was looking up... at squirrels, at leaves, at the sun.  love that! 

we had to stop the car on the way home.  someone stepped in dog poopy.  P-U!
i am so grateful.


beckyjune said...

Such fun fall pictures, Jen. I really like the one of Leah and Lily together.

Anonymous said...

Such love pictures. And beautiful memories I bet. Shame about the dog poop though :)

Marie said...

Is autumn BEAUTIFUL or what in the Pacific Northwest??? Glad you are here to enjoy it with us!
Love the photos of your darling family... especially the one with Todd and "the special gift on the shoe"... yuck!
Thanks, Jen, for bringing such joy into our lives!

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