February 18, 2012

Not helpful.

Oh, how I had grand plans for coming to " help" my lil sister with her new baby.
Don't worry about a thing, I told her, I'll cook and cleaned take care of you.
Enter day one and broken armed baby...
Enter the next week of ten month old who needed tobe held 24 7.
Enter anna with fevers, coughs and runny nose.
Enter Stomach Flu!!!
Oh yes, you read that right.
It started with ME and spread throughout the night to everyone, including the new momma.
(Anna threw up on eve twice in the middle of the night.)
I went up to help my sister as she sat with her head in the toilet...
"can I get you anything?" I asked...
And I felt her reply..."I think you've already helped enough."

Oh, sad day.
My flight leaves this morning. Trust me, we will be headed home if I have to puke the whole flight.
I feel horrible for the trauma that I've brought to this sweet time of their lives.
I'm pretty sure this is just another example of my heart being bigger than my capacity to love.

Ugh. What a trip!


Sandra Butcher said...

Oh no!!! Sounds horrible. Hope everyone feels better soon. But be gentle on yourself Jen. You were there. That's what matters. You were there. In time, trust me, you will all be laughing about the details, maybe shaking your heads, but there will be big smiles...though this is not what you want to hear now. (Oh, and remember the little barf bag in the seat front pocket is your friend.) Be well.

Tiffany said...

Sad :-( But also... kinda funny! :-)

valerie in TX said...

Oh friend! I'm so sorry. :( Hope you all are home and resting, and feel better soon!

Steph said...

I echo Sandra. You were there. That will be remembered. And your sister will know that you love her!

jenifer said...

made it home.
spend quite some time in the plane potty... lovely.
it was a LONG, LONG day.
one that i hope never to repeat.
i'll have to post pictures from our trip.
overall it was really fun-- just sad that we got everyone sick!!
it was so fun to see my little niece.
my sister is a great mom.
love them... i'm just not at a very helpful stage of life.

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