May 21, 2012

cheap treadmill.

just a warning.
be careful buying a used treadmill.
mine is broken.
it counts wrong.
i try to run-- and i run for what feels like 5 minutes and my cheap treadmill only registers 36 second.
i decide to keep running for at least one minute, but my silly treadmill counts too slowly.
it takes one minute just to turn one second... so, if i run till 40 seconds- it's just about equal to most people's minute mark.  i figure.
when i switch to miles, i'm certain that i'm running 1.5 miles but my treadmill only says .15 miles.
i used to run at the gym... and those treadmills went a lot faster.
i suppose that's what i get for buying a cheap treadmill.

my scale is broken too...  it probably needs new batteries.
i think it is just stuck on the same number-- because it never changes.
i'm certain that if i place eve on the scale it will say 139.6.
{that's hypothetical of course.}
must be the batteries.
dumb scale.
i hate electronics.  ;)

love this video!  (thanks for sharing it heather!)

i think i'm better at doing good than exercising anyway.
just sayin.
i want big vinyl words "do good" on top of my front door.
it's my new motto.

what's a motto?
nothin' what a motta with you?

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Lindsey said...


I have some quilting/applique-ing questions. Can I run them by you sometime in the near future? I know you'll probably say that you're not an expert quilter, but I think your style of making quilts is pretty similar to what I'm trying to do...and yours are so fantastic. :) I don't think I have your email, but mine is If you don't mind fielding my questions, can you send me an email? Or should I Facebook message you?

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