January 17, 2013

natural ways to improve health, blood, and energy.

Today, I just thought I'd share a few of the things that have been recommended to me during this and previous pregnancies.  If you're searching for something to help you feel better, something that has helped me might help you.

1. Floradix- this stuff is pretty strong tasting but has been recommended repeatedly to me by doctors, healthy friends and even Thalessemia (a blood condition I have) websites.  It is a natural way to add nutrients and iron into your diet in an easily digested form.  It is a pricey combination of fruit juices and nutrients.  I add it to my morning smoothies.

2. Sunwarrior Ormus Supergreens- better than carnation instant breakfast.  This is a quick way to get good things into your system.  I love having supergreens, I think it is a healthy coffee in the morning.  Drink it and you get a boost!  During my last pregnancy this stuff SAVED MY LIFE!  I don't think it tastes good, but honestly, neither does Coke.  This stuff tastes healthy.  It is my green shot drink when I need extra energy.

3. Chloropyll- this is a natural, green ointment that I add to my smoothie in the morning.  It is supposed to really help with blood production.  I can't say I notice what it does-- but it's cool.

4. ProBiotiks Bio-35- I love these vitamins.  I've taken them for years.  Honestly, I don't know much about vitamins, but these were recommended to me by friends who are super healthy.  I love them and feel healthier because I take them (even when I'm not pregnant).  They will send you a free two week trial if you want one. 

5.  D-3, calcium/mag, B-6- I take these extra vitamins just because my doctor suggested I add them.  My D is liquid that I bought at Costco, the Calcium and B-6 I just bought at a grocery store.  I think Cal/Mag was to help me absorb iron (?) and the B-6 was an extra boost because I was super nauseated.  It did help.

6. Folate- We have all heard that Folic acid is essential early in pregnancy.  This particular folic acid is supposed to be the best absorbed.  B vitamins are also essential for mental health.  It is rumored that thalassemia adds to difficulty absorbing B's and that lack of folic acid contributes to increased risk of miscarriage.  Many people told me about this super-duper vitamin.  Hopefully it is helping.

7.  Vitamix 5200s- My sister in law has done green smoothies and super healthy vegan-like eating for some time.  I called her after my last hospital stay and asked her what she knows about blood.  She said that her son had just got his blood drawn and the nurse was saying what thick, red blood he had.  The nurse kept asking what they ate.  My SIL explained that you cannot eat enough spinach in a salad-- it is way easier to drink your nutrients.  This time, it just clicked.

I decided that it was time I invested in a good blender and lots of veggies.  (I'm not a trend follower, so I have been dragging my feet on this for a long time.)  We got our mixer from Costco, because I wanted it the day I decided to buy it.  It does not fit under the counter assembled.  I use mine so often that I leave the base attached and leave the top upside-down on a drying towel.  I LOVE it.  (I had a really good blender, but this is way different.  I shouldn't have waited so long.)

I drink at least a quart smoothie every morning, alternating between spinach and kale (Todd picked up some other random green things and I usually throw in a stalk of something else with it.)
I have to drink mine in the big plastic cup with a lid and thick straw, that I got from the hospital.  It holds a quart, so I know how much I'm drinking. Every morning I eat at least a pound of greens- it tastes good and feels so healthy.  I've made some with fruit or some with chocolate almond milk, cashews and bananas.  I also love Green Smoothie Girl's Hot Pink Smoothie.  I looked up the Green Smoothie Girl on Youtube and loved to watch her videos.  She's great, especially her earlier stuff.

My kids love smoothies.  They drink the extra from mine and often I make them a separate one.  This was one big change for me.  I don't make a family smoothie-- I make MYSELF a smoothie and give them the leftovers.  If I decide to feed them smoothie for breakfast, it is separate.  This allows me to add whatever I want to mine and not worry about pickier eaters.  Green smoothies have really helped me to feel better.

8. Salad with Flax Oil-  I usually eat a big salad for lunch.  I have been using Flax Oil for my salad dressing.  My body craves that stuff.  I also add good fat stuff to my salad, like a cut up avocado, a handful of cashews or a can of rinsed black beans.  Mmmm.  I've tried to eat healthy before, but I just felt hungry.  Now, I'm really healthy but I don't feel starving and I think it's because I'm getting the nutrients from my green smoothie in the morning.  (This week, Todd has grilled me a steak every night.  He thinks I need the calories and the protein.  Sweet guy.)

Pioneer Woman turned me on to cooked kale.  I can't get enough of it.  I love it just barely cooked in butter and garlic, and I love kale chips.  SOO good and healthy.  Even my kids fight over it.  I do peel the leaves from the stems if I'm eating it, but I leave the stems on in my smoothies.

Recently, we've learned some things about this pregnancy that suggest I'm headed for a long hospital stay both before and after the baby is born.  I told Todd, I'm taking my blender an a cooler full of kale with me.  Ha!

9.  Water with crushed ice- when I'm not drinking smoothie, my cup is full of water.  Sometimes I cut up a lemon and stick it in, but most of the time I just like plain, cold water.  This helps me avoid headaches.

10.  BodyTalk with Ellen Hall-  A few times in my life I have visited with natural doctors that have used Eastern medicine to help heal things that traditional doctors were baffled by. I tend to be wary of natural medicine because it is sometimes weird and I don't want to devote my life trying to learn about it.  I also can't deny that the few time I have really needed answers, I have found my answer in alternative medicine.

For what it's worth, here are my guideposts.  1) I will only see someone that someone I really trust, really trusts.  2) I tend to be wary of any doctor that insists on repeated, continual visits.  3) I trust my gut, or the Holy Ghost, to tell me when something is truth and when it is not for me.  Usually, good natural doctors confirm what good traditional doctors say and explain it is little more.  I'm not one to think traditional doctors are evil or lying or out to hurt me.  I like "both" instead of "either/or". 

This pregnancy I was recommended, by a good friend, to Ellen Hall.  She lives around Provo, Utah but is visiting the Boise area this week.  I met with her once, over Skype, and felt an unmistakable peace.  (I hesitate to tell you this, in case you call her, but she didn't charge me anything.  I'm certain I will call her again during this pregnancy and I will happily pay her.)  When you are pregnant, or trying to heal, fear and worry really make things worse.  I do believe in modern medicine but, the Chinese have a lot to add. 

All this woman did was Skype with me and feel my energy and talk a little with me.  I could feel my fear and worry released and peace and joy returning.  She knew things about my body that confirmed what doctors suggested but were unable to prove.  She confirmed to me things that I felt my whole pregnancy.  Maybe it was all foolishness-- but after visiting with her I stopped worrying and more importantly, I stopped bleeding.  She explained to me vanishing twin syndrome and helped me recognize the feelings of grief that I was experiencing with this pregnancy. 

All of my tests and traditional doctors suggested the loss of a twin as a possibility that they were not able to confirm, she confirmed this to me and helped me to understand the internal emotion surrounding it- for me and the baby that I'm still carrying.  Again, this is probably TMI, but it was a blessing to me so I'm passing on the recommendation.  Ellen works a lot with emotions that may be buried early on in life and releasing them.  It is so interesting to me even as it baffles me. 

Yesterday, we went up to Eugene to visit with more genetic and fetal medicine doctors.  (I love these traditional doctors as much as I loved that BodyTalk woman, so if you live near me and want a great high-risk OB, let me know and I'll pass on the contact info!)  Although the baby looks great, this is going to be a difficult pregnancy, risky delivery, and long recovery.  I have so much to say on this topic, but my time is up and my afternoon is full of more doctor appointments.  Love that!!  I will say one thing, however.  Life is full of hard things.  Some have cancer, some struggle with relationships or money, some appear to have a life of ease- but theirs will come.  Today, my trial is pregnancy.  It is my sorrow and my strength-- my trial and my greatest gift. 

I know one thing for sure-- God is good.  We are never alone.  He cares when our children loose their pennies and he wants us to feel happy and healthy.  He is with me and He is with you.  He is guiding us to that truth that will bless our lives and will bless our children.  Whatever mountain you are climbing right now, trust Him to lead you up it the best way.  Trust that He will lead you.  This is a perfect process. 

I know that YOU are entitled to the highest access to revelation for your health and for your children.  YOU are.  God will lead you to doctors or books or friends.  It is a journey, but it is a guided journey.  I also believe that we were prepared before we came here for our greatest challenges.  So, in a way, we are not always finding the best ways, we are just remembering them.  When we connect with answers or doctors things will feel peaceful and familiar.  Even as doctors are saying hard things, you will feel an unexplained peace and comfort.  God is good.  Life is good.  We are so blessed to live here, in this day and age, when we have so much knowledge and truth on the Earth.
Today, I am grateful. 
Enjoy your journey!


CTR Mama said...

Wow! And I bet people tell you that after already having several kids, there shouldn't be anything new to learn being pregnant again! Good luck with everything.

I love those last 2 paragraphs. You are right--we all have something. But God IS good and He does help us. We just have to remember to ask and then open our ears, eyes, and hearts to recognize the help :>). I'm so grateful that He didn't leave us to struggle alone!

Jenni Taysom said...

I am grateful for your long posts and sharing of information. I'm going to try that super green, I had one I used to use that was awesome, but I can't find it anymore, so I'll try this one.
I too have found that I love cooked kale. A nutritionist told me that cooked is better than raw for getting more of the nutrients from it. I love it for breakfast with over easy eggs, who knew that eggs and kale would be a favorite breakfast of mine.
Hugs and prayers to you.

Catherine Andrews said...

You are amazing, and I appreciate you being willing to share. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

valerie in TX said...

Praying for you, friend. <3

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