May 25, 2013

Day 25- 16 years

My day count has been off, so I fixed it.

Today was my 16th anniversary.
A nurse stole some markers and paper from the children's hospital. I made some streamers and signs and thought about how I wish we could celebrate our day.

Todd was darling. He brought me 16 roses and set up a darling non-lit candlelight dinner. He brought speakers and an I touch of love songs to serenade us while we ate chocolate, Pelligrino, and yummy take-out. I love that man.

We cuddled in my hospital bed while he watched LesMis and I cried beside him. I love and miss him so much it hurts.

I can handle these weeks away from home when I stay logical and philosophical. But, when I tap into my heart I'm done. Sigh. Cuddling my kids, laying near my husband, or seeing my sweet baby in an ultrasound just opens the floodgates. Poor Todd didn't really know what to say as each love song made me cry harder. :)

I am so grateful for the love that I have in my life. The past 16 years have been rich and beautiful. I wouldn't trade my life for anything on earth.

I know as we celebrate the next 16 Anniversaries, we will never forget this 16th at the hospital.

Life is good.
You are so blessed to be with your family!

I am more in love today than I was 16 years ago... And so blessed.

1 comment:

Kate said...

Happy anniversary! What a sweet celebration you had. Praying for you and your family.

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