May 02, 2013

Day 3- Before/After

Central Line- Power Picc
They didn't give me any drugs- just some numbing shots of lidocaine.
I was laughing and calm before the procedure and a bit shaky and scared afterwards.
(it still makes me nervous)
Glad it's over!
Not fun- not horrible.
Ahhh... Life in the hospital.


Lindsey Kaplan said...

Hi Jenifer, My name is lindsey, I don't know if you remember me but I did your ombre color when I was in school and I also crossed paths with you again at The Retreat :) I love reading your blog, and I enjoy reading about your babies and your family and your journey thoughout this pregnancy. This has to be tough for you to be away from your family, I can just feel the love you have for them though your words. Anyways, just thought I would drop a word of encouragment to you and let you know i'm keeping you in my prayers! I hope this hospital stay goes by quickley so you can get back home! You are in GREAT care of very skilled doctors. You are such a wonderful person Jenifer, truely a SUPER mom! I look up to you!
Praying praying praying for you and your family! Enjoy your precious little man when he makes his big arrival.
-Lindsey Kaplan

jenifer said...

Thanks Lindsey!! Of course I remember you! Hope you are doing well- I bet your little guy is getting big. Thank you for your kind words!!

LloydVentures said...

Hi, I came across your blog searching for an encouraging "large" family blog that did NOT homeschool a while back. I have loved the real glimpses into your life & encouragement you provide to large families. I only have 4 children but seem to be considered large compared to the average 2.5 children (I still don't get the ".5" kid). Anyways I am praying for you, baby #8 & your family. I wish you the best & hope you continue to give updates! Take care & may god bless you with strength & peace!!

Lindsey Kaplan said...

Sooo big, 16 monthes now :) Keep on keepin on mama!

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