May 12, 2014

Mothers and Daughters.

I had a beautiful Mother's Day surrounded by friends and children who ran around our yard with dirty feet and watermelon rinds.
It was picturesque and lovely.
(But my camera was far from me.)
(Oh, and let's not forget Eve who was hiding a baby chick in her dress pocket.  That little chick went into a wee bit of shock.  Eve, Eve, Eve.  I love three.)

Today is a full-fledged Monday.
My mental To Do list already extends well into June.  (June 2015)

I am grateful to have a list and to be more able to do.
Syracuse University just had graduation, but University of Moss- Tully is in full swing.

Garage Organization 101
Horticulture Landscaping 101
Agriculture 101
Livestock pre-requisites
Swimming 101
Child Safety by a pool 101
How to Make Your Bed 500 (for the advanced)

Tomorrow we'll be having a devotional on Septic Systems and "Why having 8 kids, muddy footprints and white carpets don't go together."

Life is beautiful and good!
Today is a great day to breathe.
Happy (everyday is) Mother's Day!

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