May 09, 2014

the power of vulnerability- the secret to a happy life.

I would NEVER change my profession.
I am a mother to many and this is what I am gratefully choosing to devote my whole life to.
But, if I did choose a career-- I would choose to be Brene Brown.
I LOVE this woman, I love her research, her truth puts into words things that I know to be true.
(Maybe when my kids are grown...)
Brene talks about the power of vulnerability, shame and, in my opinion, she shares the secret to a happy life.
Yes!!  I have learned by practical experience what she has learned through research.
Really-- if you like my blog, you will love what this lady has to say.

See?  I told you!!
Want a video that you can watch that will change you?
Try this...

Love it?!
Try this...

See, I don't even need to write a book- because she already wrote MY book.
I believe this.  I have learned to embrace vulnerability.
I think my vulnerability makes me loveable and real, and yours does too.


Melanie said...

Thanks for sharing! This helped me today.

Marie said...

Have loved her for years! So wise and down-to-earth. Love that.

Rebekah said...

Never heard of her before, but watched both of those this morning while cleaning up my kitchen.
Such an important message!
Thanks, jen.
Loved when she said that we see vulnerability in ourselves as weakness, but when we see someone else show vulnerability, we recognize it as courage.
So true.
Guilt vs. Shame . . .
So much to ponder and apply.

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